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        [9-2]Biological network for bone remodeling regulated by components from Er-Zhi-Wan


        报告题目:Biological network for bone remodeling regulated by components from Er-Zhi-Wan

        报 告 人:刘艳秋 博士(大连理工大学)




        Liu yanqiu held her PhD in pharmacy from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in June 2006. She worked in Dalian Institute of Chemical and Physical, Chinese Academy of Sciences from 2006 to 2013 and then worked in Dalian Medical University. In 2018, she worked as a visiting scholar in University of Colorado. She mainly focus on the mechanism of kidney-tonifying herbal drugs on regulating bone remodeling and the multi-target effect of active components isolated from these herbs. She also focus on development of Chinese herbal drugs for treatment of other diseases such as cancer.


        Bone homeostasis is maintained by formation and destruction of bone, which are two processes tightly coupled and controlled. Targeting both stimulation on bone formation and suppression on bone resorption becomes a promising strategy for treating osteoporosis. Er-Zhi-Wan, a traditional Chinese prescription, was shown to regulated bone remodeling. The active components including wedelolactone were analyzed and their targets were docked. Results showed that wedelactone combined with oleonuezhenide enhanced osteoblastogenesis through by GSK-3β- and CK2α-mediated β-catenin activation, wedelolactone-induced cytotoxicity was prevented by oleonuezhenide through CK2α-mediated ERK activation. These results contribute to understanding the efficiency and development of Er-Zhi-Wan on curing bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis.

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